International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

Welcome to the International 14 Trophy Archive

World Trophies

World Championship Trophy
Chris Benedict Perpetual Trophy
Crew Trophy
Windmasters Trophy
Jack Wills Trophy

European Trophies

North American Trophies

North American Trophy
West Coast Trophy
West Coast Crew Trophy
West Coast Long Distance Trophy

Australian Trophies

British Trophies

Championship Trophies:

Prince of Wales Cup
Torpoint Mosquito Trophy
Morgan Giles Trophy
Veterans Trophy
Nora Chichester Smith Trophy
Windwhisper Trophy
Chris Gowen Trophy
The Old Boats Prize
The Windmaster Trophy
Ancient Mariners Trophy
Royal Cornwall Trophy
The Beadnell Lindisfarne Trophy
Weymouth Town Trophy
Hunstanton Plate
Lowestoft bowl
Llandudno town plate
Parkstone Trophy
Island Sailing Club Trophy

Classic Trophies POW week:

Buccaneer Trophy
Doll Perpetual
Classic Series

Open Club Trophies:

Itchenor Gallon
Hopton Trophies
Walker Team Trophy
The Autumn Trophy
Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Trophy
Fortitude Team Trophy
Hayling Hull
Tyne Estuary Bowl
Sir John Beale Trophy
Netherlands Trophy
R.I.P Bowl
Trent Inland Waters Challenge Trophy
Ranelagh Trophy
Scott Freeman Challenge cup
Upper Thames Sailing Club Trophy
Shackleton Trophy
Jos Collin's
Rickmansworth Trophy
Rickmansworth Transom
Marvin Trophy
Crescendo Trophy
Mill Challenge Trophy
Wash Bowl

Trophies no longer sailed for:

Island Team Trophy
Exe Trophy
Hunstanton Cup
Waterton Cup
Webster Cup
Tamesis Anchor
Chase 14 Trophy
Harthill dolphin
Midland Trophy
Leslie Lewis Trophy

Canadian Trophies

Bongard Cup
Commeford Cup
Lipton Cup
Stevenson TrophyDanish Trophies

German Trophies

German Open Trophy
Hans-Rehdes-Gedächtnis Preis
Whirlpool Cup
Insel Trophy

Italian Trophies

Molveno World Cup

New Zealand Trophies

Swiss Trophies

Swiss Chairman's Cup
Corum Cup

United States Trophies

U.S. Nationals Trophy
U.S. Nationals Crew Trophy
U.S. Nationals Woman's Trophy
U.S. Nationals Presidents Trophy
Avenger Trophy
San Francisco Fleet Championship
Northern California Fleet Championship
A.B.Y.C. Labor Day
L.A. Midwinters
Mac Short Memorial Trophy
Kite Class
NHYC Trophy
Buzzard's Bay Bowl
Pacific Rim Trophy
Hawaii State Championships

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