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 Before joining this group/class, I did some research.

 I found that there was some interest in older vintage I-14's.

 Let me first say that I have been sailing most of my life.Starting in Sabots at Mission Bay Aquatic Club and now cruising a Catalina 30. In between There has been many races , mostly NACRA 5.2 Cats and keel boat Capri/Catalina 22's, 27's and 30's.

 Back to the vintage stuff.

 A while back I acquired an older 1-14 with great intentions of restoring it. I missed the trap wire sailing of the Nacra catamaran class and the speed sailing.A couple of shoulder injuries later, I am sitting on my ass in a Catalina 30 watching the new generation of dingies and cats and boards and kites all ripping up the water. I am content to just watch and be amused.

 Back to the vintage stuff ( again)

 I would like to find my old I-14 a good home to someone who cares about the old school designs that paved the way for todays rockets.

 I myself know the general history of the I-14 class but lack in the specifics of design changes through the years.I can only give a description of what I have and see if it will give someone a spark to restore it.

 The hull is fiberglass so it is not really really old. The hull number is US 832. It has a plumb bow and teak cap rail and teak attachment points through out the hull. The boat has one set of sails spin.,main, and jib. There is an aluminum mast and boom.There is a center board and rudder. And a variety of standing and running rigging.

 This is a project boat first and for most. It has a gelcoat pigment of a pea soup green which might gloss up if paid attention to. there are also elvstrom self bailers on the floor. It comes on a trailer and I know the bearings would at least get it to it's new home.

I am not sure of the monetary value of this boat but I am entertaining in the area of cheap!

 The boat is in the San Diego area and anybody interested could e-mail me or phone; or (619) 667-9678 ( I will try to get some pics up so you can get an idea about what I've described.)I hope there is someone who could use this boat! Thanks for reading. Regards!

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Comment by Terry Gleeson on August 7, 2015 at 2:06pm

John, welcome...   post some photos... also check out this blog on 14 history and vintage 14's:

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