International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

US Nationals - Santa Barbara Yacht Club - May 15-17

Hey all...   As you know next up is our 2015 US National Championship is being held by Santa Barbara Yacht Club - May 15-17.

Details and NOR can be found here:

Also... Local bad ass, all around gentleman, and one of our most established 14ers, Ron Boehm, has been generous enough to open his house and grounds for people to stay for those that don't mind roughing it.   No excuses!

This is a beautiful place to sail that can deliver any range of conditions from light to full on the next day.   Its a big event, will be sure to be great racing & there will be some good times both at StBYC and certainly at Casa de Boehm.   Overall this will be a great event... No excuses, See you all there!    Start registering now!


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