International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

SoCal Hi Point Championship Trophy - Unearthed!!

We have located and resurrected the Southern California High Point Trophy from our friends at ABYC with a lot of help from Brad Reutenik.   This is a trophy with a lot of history that was originally granted from Schock Boats.   As you all know, the I14 Fleet has a rich and deep history and our trophies and awards are a big part of that.  

The SoCal Hi Point Trophy rewards participation of major (non Worlds) events and of SoCal races.  The more races you do, the better your opportunity of scoring high.   We are only counting 51% of the scores to help keep it competitive for those who are not able to do all the regattas.

This trophy will now be awarded annually once again... and we have gone back and gathered results and are putting the winners on the trophy from 2011 through 2014.

Here is the format for the SoCal Hi Point Trophy:

Top 51% of SoCal Race Hi Point scores + Top 51% of Championship race Hi Point Scores =  Total Hi Point Score.  

'Hi Points' are not your score for that race, but the number of boats you beat in that race +1.   Example:  1st place in a 6 boat race is awarded 6 'hi points', 2nd place in a 10 boat race is awarded 9 points, and so on.

A Boats top high point scores from 51% of the races that were run will be counted.   This will be done for SoCal races and then for Championship races and added together.   Champ races are Nationals, NorthAmericans, or PacRims.   (Worlds results are not counted for this trophy).   West Coast Champs will be counted as a SoCal regatta.

Attached is a photo of the refurbished trophy and a spreadsheet file for the complete 2011-2014 results.   2014 was extremely competitive and only within 3 points after a full year of racing.   See sheet for full details and where you have scored.

Lastly...   Trophy will be on display at Nationals this weekend in Santa Barbara... check it out.



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