International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

San Diego One Design Weekend (sort of) - June 2 & 3

Only 3 boats showed up for this; Brad and Trick on the B5 1161, Steve and Gerrit on the Shu2 1183 and Terry and Brian on the B6 1187. Forecast was for 5-7 kts out of the ssw, veering more west in the afternoon. As is often the case in San Diego, the summer winds were more than forecast. Most of the day was sailed in 8 to 12 kts, with some lighter stuff thrown in occasionally. With the ssw wind direction, we sailed in the main channel near the harbor entrance off of the Navy's submarine base.

Without enough boats for an official start we did some intensive training instead: Three 3-minute rolling starts, with the 3rd start being for a short windward leeward course. After several of these we then took a big rip down the bay. With the wind remaining ssw, it was barely possible to lay the main channel along Harbor Island on starboard gybe. Terry and Brian gybed early to take the high road close to North Island, while Brad and Trick gybed late taking the middle of the channel. Brad and Trick were able to go into a very tight reaching mode and actually climbed high enough to douse later than Terry and Brian for the final two-sail reach to the mark. Steve and Gerrit, with the visual advantage that only a following position can bring, chose a middle route and worked the puffs and lulls to gain height without going into full tight-reaching mode, avoiding the two-sail reach altogether. After regrouping we lined up for a long windward race back to the sub base. A few more 3x3 minute sessions were resumed, with the strong flood tide and kelp playing key roles. At one point Steve and Gerrit tacked inside Brad and Trick at the windward mark only to be carried right into the mark, a large steel channel marker. Steve is very happy with his choice of a UHMW (soft plastic) end cap for the Shu2 spinnaker pole!

Terry and Brian's tried and true rig (Southern Composites, correct me if I'm wrong Terry. edit - I was wrong; it's C-Tech) proved very fast on the B6, with them streaking out to solid leads at times. Terry remarked that the gybing board works like magic. Steve and Gerrit had settings issues with their B6 rig on its first outing on the Shu2, but showed good speed at times. Brad and Trick provided the well-tuned, well-sailed B5 benchmark.

Only Brad and Steve were available to sail Sunday, so they took the Shu2 out for a spin, this time with the rig settings for the most part corrected. Again, 5-7 for the forecast, but mostly solid 10-12 kts, with maybe some 15 kts thrown in for some extra fun on the downwind legs.

It was a very good weekend of sailing, and if we can get more boats next time, we can have an official regatta. If not, there is some good competitive training to be had, and in spite of San Diego's reputation, solid summer breeze is more the rule than the exception.

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