International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

Turtles, Reefs, and Mai Tai's... Escape to Kaneohe!

Hawaii PAC RIMS - April 23rd-26th.

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Master Bates has once again organized what promises to be a superb event in Paradise. If you've never been to a Pac Rim Championship, slap yourself in the face now. You've been missing a ton of fun.

Information from the Master is below.
Contact him for further inquiries.

From: Andy Bates, Regatta Chair, PAC RIM Regatta 2022
To: I-14 Fleet members
Date: January 1, 2022
Subject: PAC RIM Update

1. The PAC RIM Regatta is still tentatively scheduled for April 23-26, 2022 at Kaneohe YC in Hawaii. The situation is dynamic and changeable daily. Here is where we are today.

2. We have two sponsored Pasha containers and free local hauling in Hawaii to and from the port. Thanks to 5 Star hauling. The regatta is on the KYC schedule. The containers can be loaded in Oakland at RYC and somewhere in So. Cal near Long Beach. Both containers could be loaded and returned to RYC. Pricing is being calculated now by the San Diego fleet for the 6 boat trailer that would not be sponsored.

3. There is a shortage of rental cars and fewer local housing rentals on the windward side. Lots of people are using Tuoro (sp) car rentals---local folks renting their cars. Our fleet will try and locate some local housing from club members.

4. KYC requires proof of vaccination. You must wear an issued wrist band while at the club. They are issued at the front office. All the gathering events are held outside on the lawn. Masks must be on in the bar. Some or all of these restrictions may discourage some people from coming and be welcomed by others?

5. Hawaii numbers of infections are rapidly rising as they are worldwide. My concern is not so much Covid safety at KYC and on the water. It is the situation with the already fragile heathcare infrastructure in Hawaii. I have first hand experience. I had a major heart attack right after the Nationals in early Oct upon my return to Hawaii. There were no hospital beds available, and I was kept alive in the ER for 14 hours before I was admitted for open heart surgery. I ran out of jokes to tell in the ER. On a serious note I am not running a regatta if the healthcare system is crashed and people can not be seen in hospitals for other than Covid care. I am hoping the current surge will end by late Feb which is when I will consult with the KYC people and make the “Call” on whether to cancel the event. I will continue to do the tasks in preparation for hosting the event and am optimistic that this surge will subside in the next month or so. The government is trying to work with all the moving parts to continue flying people safely to Hawaii.

6. I will need a non-refundable $500 check or Paypal deposit to reserve a space for you in the container by March 5th. If the regatta is cancelled before the container loads you will be refunded the $500.

7. I hope this information and update is helpful for your planning purposes. We are living in a strange and rapidly changing environment now. But on a positive note-----I sailed my Laser for the first time after the surgeries (knee and heart in 2021) out to the R2 buoy in the ocean, in breeze yesterday. My first sail in a year. To much fun in the big breakers at R2. I visualized all of you making the turn, setting the kite and sailing to the finish line for the Hawaii State Championship race.

Andy Bates

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