International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

Gorge Speed Challenge - by Henderson Boat Company

Just in time for North Americans we have the a 'new' Perpetual Trophy being put forward by Hendo and the Seattle Fleet: 
The Henderson Boat Company "Gorge Speed Challenge"
A perpetual trophy awarded to the Fastest Fourteen at the Gorge.
Awarded to the boat that can post the fastest documented speed via Velocitek or other on board device during the annual International 14 regatta held at the Columbia River Gorge.
Recorded speed can be posted from any time sailing at the regatta site from a day before the regatta through the final day of the regatta.  Top speed recorded does not need to occur while racing.
Any I-14 entering the regatta is eligible.
Top recorded speeds will be recorded daily by Kris Henderson of Henderson Boat Company or his designee and posted at the event site.
All discretion on validation of top speeds is with Kris Henderson or designee.
Winners will have their Names, Boat, and Top Speed put on the 'GSC' Trophy permanently   
The 'Gorge Speed Challenge' Trophy will be housed in Seattle, WA at the Henderson Boat Company's primary headquarters.
This should be fun!  

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