International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

2019 US International 14 Regatta Schedule

Hello all!   Here is the Schedule for 2019 - there are a number of dates that need to be confirmed and we'll be adding some Midwest events as they get scheduled.   The larger schedule has all of the regional events listed as well (see attachments)  Look for a revised calendar in about a month but below is the main schedule below and attached.   For Main Events - we have 13 larger events spread throughout the year with Nationals in San Diego in September - should be epic Champagne conditions!   Additionally, we have North Americans in Kingston, Ontario the month before - look for some chatter on that to see who may be interested.   Check the schedule and we hope to see everyone in the next few months at Midwinters in Long Beach and West Coast Champs in Coronado in the next few months!



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