International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

Happy New Year everyone!

Big year ahead of us with Worlds in SF and another trip to Andy's Paradise in Hawaii.   Looking forward to it all - the schedule is attached below in .xls and .pdf formats and below are some of the highlights.   A lot of regattas and events lined up for this year.

Schedule Big Events (see attached for full details)
     West Coast Champs - San Diego in March
     Pac Rims - Kaneohe in April
     Nationals - CityFront SF out of St. Francis YC in late May
     Worlds - on SF Bay's Circle out of Richmond YC in August

We may even have a new event - MidWest 14 Championships anyone??  Bryant is working to get this set up for the boat out there - hopefully in June - lets see this happen!
Additionally, we are going to see if we can get a July clinic up at the Gorge for those interested to continue building our heavy breeze chops.  

Going to be pretty exciting with the number of events, new teams, and new boats that we are seeing on the water.   2018 should be epic!
Terry Gleeson
President - US I-14 Association
USA 1203

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