International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

by Dalton Bergan

11 I-14s braved the world-renowned Gorge conditions for their US Nationals.  Absolutely beautiful breeze-on conditions throughout the event and the week leading up for all of those who put their time in during the week. 

Radziejowski/Sjostedt finished 3rd with outstanding upwind speed but a few too many capsizes; watch out for them at the next event.  Their effort to put time in the boat was highlighted by their night sail mid event!  Bundy/Lanzinger couldn’t make the event due to lead poisoning and a new disease yet to named relating to sailing on the new generation of big racer/cruiser cats like gun boats (ideas?).  This gave the B team (myself) Bergan/Hanseler great opportunity to go racing.  Although we capsized more times than I could count on the eve of the event when sailing together for the first time, it was only once during racing when on the last day when I failed to remember that 14’s now have 6’ dagger boards while ducking the stern anchored (strong upwind current) committee boat at the start resulting in a cartwheel that made for good entertainment for all involved.  

With a combined age of nearly 100, the Gorge Specialists, Steve Goodson and Allen Diercks, impressed everyone with decent speed and excellent boat handling to win the event by a point.  Thanks to the CGRA for another great event and the Henderson Boat Company for making it happen.  This was great practice for the 2018 Worlds in Berkeley Circle next August!

Additional Perpetual awards went to Goodson/Diercks for winning the Distance Race (President’s Trophy) and the WindMaster’s trophy (oldest combined crew age over (or close to) 100 with best result).  And to James Clarkson winning the Avenger’s Trophy (best result with older design 14), and Katie Love winning the first Female Trophy, and lastly to Gleeson/Powell for winning the Henderson Boat Company Gorge Speed Challenge with a documented top speed of 19.0 Kts sustained and 19.8 top speed.   Well done everyone, next up is our North American Championships that will give everyone a good taste of what to look forward to while at next year’s Worlds.   Send it!

All photos credited to Sean Trew

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