International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

Here is the 2016 US International 14 Schedule with lots on it for the year.   Schedule is broken into two parts: Main Events and Full Events Schedule which include the big events and all of the regional and some lesser known events including Midwest, Hawaii, and others...      Of them all, the four big ones for this year are Pacific Rim Championships in Hawaii in April; US National Championships in Long Beach in June, the 2016 World Championships in France in August/September... and then we moved our West Coast Championships this year to the Fall Dinghy in San Francisco in late October.  

Whether you want to travel far or only near, there is still lots of racing in all areas.  If there is an event that we missed (Seattle?...) or something needs adjusting (Midwest dates?), send me a note and I'll update the file.

2016 US International 14 Schedule

Happy New Year, and godspeed in your 14 racing!


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