International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

Six 14's were treated to excellent fall conditions this past weekend at the Totally Dinghy regatta run by RYC.  Although there was no breeze at the city front (sad day for the big boats over there), we had enough breeze on Saturday to twin wire all day long, upwind and downwind, say 8 or a little more knots of breeze? The breeze was very steady and the water was flat, perfect racing conditions and allowing everyone to finish all races.  Well, except for the first race on Saturday, in which the fleet demonstrated a certain lack of timeliness perhaps because back at the club house we had bright blue skies and temps in the high 70s, exceptionally balmy weather for mornings on the SF Bay, and no-one was motivated to move too fast?  At least that's my excuse.    Good job Chris and James for being on time for that one! 

One boat however, had a real reason to miss that first race, as Rand discovered a very important bolt sheared off on his mast which required a hasty repair (handily repaired by Kurt Schmidt who came out of retirement for this race).  Yes, I did say Rand!   The rumors were true and he did indeed make it out for the first time in a rather long while, and with the exception of that first race sailed each race.  He looked a little tired by the end of Sunday, but was clearly happy to be out sailing again (though his doc was perhaps less so once she saw a picture of a 14). 

Conditions on Sunday were a bit lighter, allowing mostly single wiring.  With current ripping across the top of the course, calling laylines and choosing which side of the course to play was a continually changing factor.  Both days however, other than the pressure delta, were pretty similar.  The race committee ran an excellent event, and the food and beer at the club were just what was needed after a fine day of sailing.

I'll forgo the blow by blow race summaries (I just can't remember all that), and post the results directly:

Pos Sail   Rating Make/Model   Skipper Yacht Club  1   2   3   4   5   6   7  Total Pos
1186   0   Henderson Marine I-14  / B6
Kirk Twardowski/
Chad Freitas
7/DNS   1   1   1   1   2   1   14  
1177   0   Bieker/Water Rat B5- Mach2   Katie Love/
John Gilmour  
RYC/SDYC/    7/DNS   2   3   2   2   1   2   19  
1162   0   I14 / B-5 / Bieker
Chris Rutz/
Greg Mitchell  
RYC/    1   3   2   3   5   5   7/DNS   26  
1143   0   Bieker Bieker 3   Rand Arnold/
Kurt Schmidt  
RYC/    7/DNS   4   5   4   3   3   4   30  
1167   0   B-5/Jason King Andy Bates/
Michael Lazzaro  
Kaneohe Yacht Club/    7/DNS   5   4   5   4   4   3   32  
1176   0   Bieker B3   James Clarkson/
Ilia Mirkin  
RYC/    2   6   6   6   6   6   5   37


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Comment by Terry Gleeson on September 22, 2015 at 6:40pm

Epic to have Rand and the Bee back out on the water.  Go Rand!  Look forward to seeing you all at the Fall Dinghy in October!  -Terry

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