International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

2015 SoCal Season Title... coming down to Turkey Day

The 2015 SoCal Season Championship is coming down to the Turkey Day Regatta at ABYC.

The W.D. Schock International 14 Southern California Season High Point Championship Trophy.

This trophy was resurrected and awarded from 2011-2014 and it was close throughout those years:

2011 Galvez won by 2 points 
2012 Reutenik won by 4 points
2013 it was a tie with Dave Hayter pulling it out over Joe Bersch on the tie breaker
2014 Brad and crew Garrett won it again by a slim margin of 3 points.  

This year is looking to be close one again and its coming down to the Turkey Day Regatta...   Win the regatta and you get a BFT (Big Frozen Turkey) but you may also win the big W.D. Schock So Cal High Point Trophy!

Attached is the latest spreadsheet showing the points and rankings.   Gleeson, Reutenik, Hendo, and Galvez all have a legitimate shot at this, and for different highlighted reasons throughout the season.   Looks to be a battle at ABYC in a couple of weeks!


Here is the format for the SoCal Hi Point Trophy:

Top 51% of SoCal Race Hi Point scores + Top 51% of Championship race Hi Point Scores =  Total Hi Point Score.  

'Hi Points' are not your score for that race, but the number of boats you beat in that race +1.   Example:  1st place in a 6 boat race is awarded 6 'hi points', 2nd place in a 10 boat race is awarded 9 points, and so on.

A boat's top high point scores from 51% of the total races that were run will be counted.   This will be done for SoCal races and then for Championship races and added together.   Champ races are Nationals, NorthAmericans, or PacRims.   (Worlds results are not counted for this trophy).   West Coast Champs in San Diego will be counted as a SoCal regatta.

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