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2017 North American Championships hosted by Richmond Yacht Club

15 International 14’s came to Richmond Yacht Club for the biennial I-14 North American Championships.    Our Canadian friends to the North elected not to make the trip and focus their travel dollars for next years World Championships being held on the same Berkeley Circle race course in 2018 – which we certainly understand but they and their antics ;-) were certainly missed.    With the 15 skiffs that we did have the competition was very stacked with more than half the boats having at least…


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2017 US Nationals @ the Gorge

by Dalton Bergan

11 I-14s braved the world-renowned Gorge conditions for their US Nationals.  Absolutely beautiful breeze-on conditions throughout the event and the week leading up for all of those who put their time in during the…


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2017 Skiff Fest – Santa Barbara Delivers the Goods!

Six California based 14’s headed to Santa Barbara last weekend for what has proven over the last few years to be a very light air (and sometimes no air) race course.    Santa Barbara is always beautiful and the hospitality of Santa Barbara Yacht Club is always strong and keeps getting better.  




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2017 I-14 US Fleet Schedule is up!

Attached is the Fleet Schedule for 2017.

As always, Major events listed up top -  Regional events listed in the below section – and now longer term 2018 events listed below.   Some solid events - WCC's in San Diego, Nationals at the Gorge, NA's on SF Bay.   No big trips to Hawaii this year, but if you find yourself out there, chances are they are racing and they'll set you up.   All regional events are listed.…


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2016 International 14 Worlds - Carnac, France

2016 International 14 Worlds

Carnac, France

By Brad Ruetenik

After 2 wks of reflection since the end of the most recent I14 worlds in Carnac France, I wanted to put down some thoughts on this most recent adventure.  As with all the other 10 worlds I have participated in over the last 20 yrs., this was a great learning event.  I always have a great time seeing and traveling to other parts of the world and more important to me, are…


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2016 Nationals Report

Write up by Joe Bersch

Nineteen International 14’s showed up to the 2016 I-14 U.S. National Championships at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club on June 10-12 in Long Beach, CA.  ABYC has been a long-time and loyal supporter of the I-14 Fleet running one of the Fleet’s best World Championships ever in 2006 and annually running the Class’s Midwinter Championships amongst other regattas.  The 2016 I-14 Nationals follows the recent Pacific Rim Championships at Kaneohe Bay in April, 2016 (21 boats…


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The Beauty & Brawn of the International 14 Fleet

Check this article out...   The Beauty & Brawn of the International 14 Fleet:

Ladies in 14's... PacRims write up by Jenn Virskus

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The 2016 Pasha Hawaii I-14 Pacific Rim Championships

From Andy Bates - Photo Credits: Pasha Hawaii

The Pasha Hawaii 2016 International Fourteen Pacific Rim Championship Regatta was hosted at Kaneohe Yacht Club from April…


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I14-USA Fleet Survey Results

Hey, so I'm posting the survey results here.   I removed the last two questions and anything that appeared to have personal information in it to protect the not so innocent, all really good input.    Pretty interesting if you go through this in detail, a lot of things that we knew, but also some highlighted areas that are more important for the fleet to focus on as well.   I'll save my 'findings and analysis' for a further discussion, but if you want to look through the data - it is posted…


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I14 in It Happened One Night

At about 1:10.

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2015 SoCal Fleet Championships

The SoCal fleet had a solid Season ending/New Season starting party last night... anyone take photos?   I know I was busy making a lot of drinks!!   Anyway...   well attended and good time, thanks for all those who came down!  Awards for the SoCal Fleet Hi-Point Championship were presented and are listed below.   Goodson/Dierks 6th, Jamie Reid 5th, Brad Reutenik 4th, Paul Galvez 3rd, Kris Henderson with a solid showing at NA's, Nationals, & WCC's was 2nd and Evan Sjostedt pulling strings…


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US I14 Fleet Survey

I14 USA Fleet Survey


Hey all, We want your feedback!

Please take the time and click through…


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Info on USA 921 CF2267UL


I just purchased an old penultimate and wanted to see if anyone recognized the boat. I plan on restoring the boat and making the rigging more user friendly by removing the mainsheet track and using a self tacking jib.

Any info or advise would be appreciated.




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2016 US I-14 Event Schedule

Here is the 2016 US International 14 Schedule with lots on it for the year.   Schedule is broken into two parts: Main Events and Full Events Schedule which include the big events and all of the regional and some lesser known events including Midwest, Hawaii, and others...      Of them all, the four big ones for this year are Pacific Rim Championships in Hawaii in April; US National Championships in Long…


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ABYC Turkey Day Regatta 2015

ABYC Turkey Day Regatta

Nov 21-22, 2015

Long Beach, CA

10 boats came to the annual ABYC Turkey Day regatta the weekend prior to Thanksgiving.  We had several good boats for the long standing traditional end of season race out of the best small boat club in So Cal.  On the line were the traditional Turkey and Pie awards as well as the recently re-instated SoCal. Season High Point Championship Trophies.  These trophies include the W.D. Shock…


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2015 SoCal Season Title... coming down to Turkey Day

The 2015 SoCal Season Championship is coming down to the Turkey Day Regatta at ABYC.

The W.D. Schock International 14 Southern California Season High Point Championship Trophy.

This trophy was resurrected and awarded from 2011-2014 and it was close throughout those years:



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Fall Dinghy report... San Francisco!


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2016 Pacific Rim Championships - NOR

Pac Rims in the beautiful Kaneohe Bay is scheduled for the Spring...   Here is the NOR that went out earlier. 


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2015 Totally Dinghy Regatta

Six 14's were treated to excellent fall conditions this past weekend at the Totally Dinghy regatta run by RYC.  Although there was no breeze at the city front (sad day for the big boats over there), we had enough breeze on Saturday to twin wire all day long, upwind and downwind, say 8 or a little more knots of breeze? The breeze was very steady and the water was flat, perfect racing conditions and allowing everyone to finish all races.  Well, except for the first race on Saturday, in which…


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Vintage I 14


 Before joining this group/class, I did some research.

 I found that there was some interest in older vintage I-14's.

 Let me first say that I have been sailing most of my life.Starting in Sabots at Mission Bay Aquatic Club and now cruising a Catalina 30. In between There has been many races , mostly NACRA 5.2 Cats and keel boat Capri/Catalina 22's, 27's and 30's.

 Back to the vintage stuff.

 A while back I acquired an older 1-14 with great…


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