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I14 Class Dues are one of the necessary ways that we support the fleet and we are looking to do more in the way of promotion and getting the word out.   Dues are an important part of the class and necessary, here are some of the things we are looking at doing this year and beyond:

  • Areas to fund: Website, US Sailing membership, Trophies, SWAG/gear, Regatta / event promotion, Promo videos, Clinics, improved communications, etc.
  • The new Structure is made to be more inclusive and include more paying members - crews, youth, non-boat owners, classic owners, etc...   and allows for you to pay for up to 3 years in advance with a discount!   See below:

2016 US International 14 Fleet Dues Structure:

       Three Levels with option to pay for 1 year or 3 years in advance for discount:

1. Regular membership (v, c, o)                  $60 / year        or          $150 / 3 years

                   (v, c, o:  voting rights, gets all communications, can hold office)

  • This is for 14 Owners of New-Rules Boats that are 25 years of age or older  (read: this is for most of you)

2. Associate membership                       $25 / year        or          $70 / 3 years

  • For 14 Owners that are 24 years or younger at time of payment - (v, c, o) 
  • For Classic boat owners (penny's, classics, old-rules boats) - (c, o)
  • For Crews and Non-Boat owners - (c, o)


3. Lifetime membership (v, c, o)                                       $1000 / Lifetime

  • Anyone who is a 'Steward' of the fleet and would assist the fleet financially
  • For those 14ers who know they will be 14'ing Forever!



1.  Dues are important!   Moving forward by the time of this year’s Nationals: at least one participant on each boat must be a paying Fleet Member to race in Championship events.  

2.  Checks only:   Please make checks Payable to USIFA and list on the memo section of the check: Level of Membership, Owner surname, & Sail #: (Example: 3 Yr Regular, Gleeson, USA 1187)

                                                (sorry, no cash/paypal)

3.   Contact Yvonne Galvez for Payment address       

USIFA c/o  Yvonne Galvez, Secretary/Treasurer

Yvonne Galvez -


Thank you for your support!   Please send right away, encourage others and your crews to support the fleet,  and I look forward to seeing you all out ripping on the water!




Terry Gleeson

President - US International 14 Association

USA 1187

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