International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

Hello, I am a former International 14 sailor from the late 1960's thru 1975. My dad, brother & I sailed out of the Saratoga lake Sailing Club just north of Albany New York plus travelled to regattas in Canada, Connecticut & Annapolis, Maryland.

I just finished restoring my dad's last International 14 (McCutcheon Kirby V) & purchased a used set of sails (mainsail, jib & spinnaker) that are in very good condition. The jib was cut for a 16 foot I dimension & the spinnaker was cut for a hoist point of 18 to 20 feet above the gunwale. Quantum Sails in Rochester has modified the jib for a 14 foot I dimension but I need a spinnaker with a hoist point of 16 feet above the gunwale to complete the sail plan. That translates into a median length (from head to middle of the foot) of about 17 feet. I have looked at International 470 spinnakers but they are slightly smaller than I require for this boat & rig. Any help or potential contacts for a used spinnaker in this size range would be appreciated.

I currently live in Fayetteville, Georgia & plan on sailing Balkan Gypsy on the lakes north of Atlanta, Georgia (Lake Allatoona & Lake Lanier).

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are you still looking for a spinnaker if you are I may be able to make one for you I would need sizing so I could design and cut the sail  If you are interested

I have a spinnaker but the head to foot length is to long (16 ft spinnaker hoist point on the mast & 20 ft from spinnaker head to foot). This spinnaker was cut for a higher hoist point. I have sent this spinnaker, which is in very good condition, to Farrar Sails in Connecticut to be re-cut to fit my current rig. So I am no longer looking for a spinnaker. Thanks for your response.


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