International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

Putting US1000 [the millennium falcon, as Alan Laflin called it] is for sale.
It is one of Chris Benedict's molds from the early 80's for his fiberglass boats; three 1/8" layers of cold-molded Honduras mahogany form the shape. 
It has a double hull and an open transom; the water flows out the back. Alan came fourth in the POW cup on it once. Classic 14 had a photo of Chris working on some 14's and I think it was one of them. Knee injury forces sale. 
Comes with aluminum spars and most blocks. 
Three sails:
. 1 dacron pineapple jib
. 1 old dacron main that has been cut down
. 1 full battened mylar main
It's on a Holsclaw trailer, and it pulls like a feather at 80.It has been stored inside except for a few months out at Treasure Island in SF. It comes with a Hogin tailor made full cover which fits the boat rigged.
Attached some pictures, have more if you want them.
Email me for more information. I am just west of Chicago.
Looking for $1600. 

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Hi Charles. My name is Kerry Schwab and I live in Erie, PA. I'm very interested. Do you have a few pictures of the hull and equipment? I could send a deposit through paypal. My email is and my cell is 814.460.4049 if you'd prefer to text/call. Thank you so much I look forward to discussing more.

Hi Kerry

Attached are a few more pictures. Love to talk to you, but I am off to the dentist for a couple of hours. How about around 3pm CST?





nice rig wee you able to sell? Mine a bit earlier 4 layers cold rolled cedar.  I fully restored with nearly everything replaced.  I am located in Essex Ct area.  My closets cousin hangs from the ceiling at the yacht club.  We used to have the largest fleet on east coast 100 boats.  Now I am the lone survivor.  Asking $2500 like you.


Geoff Wiswell

It's still for sale. Sounds like you have another treasure. Does yours have a double hill like mine? Lots of flotation, just pops back up dry, unlike a thistle.

Still for sale? If so, I would love some additional photos. Unfortunately it's a long way from me, but looks like a very cool boat and definitely of interest if there is some viable way to get it to the west coast. ben "at" cohophotography 'dot" com is my email. 



Hi Ben

It's still for sale. Don't know how you could get it out there, though the trailer would handle it if someone was going that way.


I could almost be swayed to bring this boat at least half way to Cali as there is a boat I am interested out west. Almost like a boat swap. Keep me posted on what develops and if I can be of assistance

Is this still available?

Hi Brian

Yes it is! I am just outside Chicago.

Do you still have the classic rig?  The hull number suggests this was a conversion; could it be converted back?

I am in Rochester, NY, but this is for my brother in GA.

Charles Field said:

Hi Brian

Yes it is! I am just outside Chicago.

This was built in 1984, so it's not a fifties/sixties boat; it's a very Bethwaite inspired hull shape; hard chines at the back. Chris Benedict built it [and another very similar one I think] as moulds for a series of glass boats he made.

The previous owner added a carbon fiber retracting sprit for an asym, and I built the most recent mast. It's basically to about 1999 rules. In a historical sense, it always had an aluminum mast; Alan found one with a nice taper which he gave me with the boat. It's rigged for two trapezes, but that is easy to change.

Hey Charles, is the millenium falcon still up for sale?


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