International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

I purchased this boat from a friend several years back.

It needs to be rigged and the struts that connect the hull to the mast need replacement. I have the original struts, but had to cut one apart due to corrosion. I purchased aluminum tube and rod to make new ones but haven't found the time. (Don't let this deter you! If you don't care about pretty you could probably get them setup with file, hacksaw and access to a drill press.)

Hull is in good shape

Mast, boom, set of sails, foils.

Trailer with new tires - 2 years old

Seitech dolly.

Some documentation. 

Probably a good learning boat for twin trapeze as it has a small rig.


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 Boat pictures


Images of strut condition/issue. The rod's at the end are good. Just need to make the new shaft.


I don't see a price anywhere.  How much is it?

Oops!, $500. 

Is this boat still available and location

No, It's been sold.

Thank you.


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