International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

For sale Cross III International 14 sailboat USA 1047

This boat was built by Bruce Boat Works in 1985 and registered by Ontario Yachts.  The Cross III design was World Champion in 1985 and still measures in the International 14 class. This boat has been raced each year for the last 7 yr locally.

Base Boat for $500 includes:

-Hull USA 1047, still registered in I14 class for 2013, CA title and reg current

-4 mainsails, one laminate crisp and new, three practice

-One Hart Sails Dacron jib in very good condition

-One worn nylon spinnaker with custom spin sock

-Cassette rudder (no t foils) and daggerboard

-Carbon fiber/aluminum spinnaker pole

- One set trap wires (mast accepts two sets)

-Aluminum mast and boom

Optional add ons: -basic used trailer (without mast crutch), CA lic and reg current for $200

-new galvanized mast crutch for $150

-basic used aluminum dolly for $200

-New North asymmetric spinnaker adapted to fit this I14 for $250

Prices are rock bottom and fairly firm, but I will consider an easy, no interest payment program for I14 sailors under 30 with more talent and/or motivation than cash.  Also, you can purchase the basic boat and upgrade over time. No parts will be sold individually at this time except to the hull purchaser.

This is a great boat to learn twin trapping on! 

I will post on this board when sold or if parts are available.

Bruce Ryhal Granite Bay, CA (near Sacramento, CA)

btryhal at

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Sale pending to new enthusiast in SLO.  Can only take back up offers for consideration after 9/14.


Bruce Ryhal

Update: Boat is back on the market at this time and for sale.  Contact me if interested.

Bruce Ryhal

btryhal at


Could you please send me some more pictures of this boat?  How about some pics of the cockpit and any that you may have of the boat sailing with the spin flying.



I have attached more photos.


Q:Is the boat is good shape?

A: Yes, the rigging is average to brand new in spots and well-sorted.  The hull is a firm, cored fiberglass laminate.  The boat is actively sailed.

Q: Where is the boat?

A: In Granite Bay, near Sacramento, CA

Q: What is the trailer like?

A. It is a basic Harbor Freight 4 x 8 red trailer with bunks attached.

Q: How does the boat compare to a new I14?

A: It is a not-too-distant cousin.  It is registered in the I14 class. The basic design features, including a plumb bow, hard chines, and a planing bottom, are like any modern racing boat.  There are no racks. The materials, aluminum and fiberglass, have been upgraded in the newer boats to all-carbon. The spars on the modern I14 have been altered by a foot or so here and there.




Boat and related equipment has been sold to former UC Irvine college sail team member who is now living in the SF Bay Area.

Is it still available?


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