International 14 US Class

International 14 US Class

IMG_2309.JPGHull outside for two years - on trailer, everything else inside.  $500.00.  Water tight - fully functional.  Carbon Hiking Rail needs minor repair.

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Hi Victor,

i have to locals interested in your i14 for sale. Do you have anymore pics or details you could send us? i’m at Small fleet here out of WI & MN (used be Chicago fleets).  

Any info on:

the year,

the mast type (stiffness), main sail condiction

Daggerboard type and condition

Rudder (foils?)

trailer condition for a road trip?


will help them make up their mind and formulate a travel plan.

Thanks Jake Skala

Mast type is carbon, Main sail in good condition with second new sail that needs to be cut down and sized.  Spinnaker is good to excellent, jib is sad.

daggerboard is in good condition - some type of composite?  no foils.

Trailer would need bearings and electrical work - sorry....

if you are still interested in pics let me know.


Have you sold this boat yet. I am interested and can come and pick up boat at end of June. Looks like this would be a good boat to learn on.

Do you have the additional pictures

boat not yet sold - I'll take some pics this weekend.

Good Morning Victor, 

What is the best way to connect with you? I sent you a friend request for private messaging.

Jake Skala

I will buy it. Do you want paid when I get there. 

I will take pictures of it this weekend, and I will conduct the sale through ebay, that way everyone is protected.  I will repost when the posting is up on ebay.

Thanks for the update. 


Do you happen to have old main collecting dust. Trying to get ICE model I14 back on the water. Boat originally came from Australia and belongs to my brother and our sailing camp. 

Still interested in buying this boat. I do have a quick question. what is what appears to be a crease in the middle of the boat to the left of the sail bag. Is that a tear in the hull or just the paint


That is part of the hull - the hull is solid - called a Chine?  I think.

Here is a better picture and lots more on the ebay site.

see following link for lots of pics


Hey Victor, 500 paypal and I will come and get it, if you take it off ebay


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