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2018 I14 Worlds Gear Site is live!

The 2018 Worlds gear site at Pirates Lair is now live, check it out:

2018 US International 14 Schedule

By Terry Gleeson

Happy New Year everyone!

Big year ahead of us with Worlds in SF and another trip to Andy's Paradise in Hawaii.   Looking forward to it all - the schedule is attached below in .xls and .pdf formats and below are some of the highlights.   A lot of regattas and events lined up for this year.

Schedule Big Events (see attached for full details)
     West Coast Champs - San Diego in March
     Pac Rims - Kaneohe in April
     Nationals - CityFront SF out of St. Francis YC in late May
     Worlds - on SF Bay's Circle out of Richmond YC in August

We may even have a new event - MidWest 14 Championships anyone??  Bryant is working to get this set up for the boat out there - hopefully in June - lets see this happen!
Additionally, we are going to see if we can get a July clinic up at the Gorge for those interested to continue building our heavy breeze chops.  

Going to be pretty exciting with the number of events, new teams, and new boats that we are seeing on the water.   2018 should be epic!
Terry Gleeson
President - US I-14 Association
USA 1203

2017 North American Championships

15 International 14’s came to Richmond Yacht Club for the biennial I-14 North American Championships.    Our Canadian friends to the North elected not to make the trip and focus their travel dollars for next years World Championships being held on the same Berkeley Circle race course in 2018 – which we certainly understand but they and their antics ;-) were certainly missed.    With the 15 skiffs that we did have the competition was very stacked with more than half the boats having at least one former National or major championship winner on board and a few former World Championship winning skipper and crews in the mix.


With the next year’s 14 World Championships being held in August 2018 at Richmond Yacht Club; the Club, Race Committee, Race Management, and Organizers were utilizing this NA regatta as a major warm up and test event.   That being said, you wouldn’t have known it as RYC ran a flawless regatta from start to finish with key attention to details.   All of the starts ran on time, the starting lines were square, the distances of the races were set well and monitored closely.   Mark changes were done tightly and by the book and they varied the angles of the reach marks throughout the event but all of them were challenging but fair.   Regatta Chair Tim Knowles and Principal Race Officer Del Olson did a tremendous job as did their many volunteers and the fleet was left impressed with how smooth everything ran.


Leading up to the event the weekend before there were quite a few fourteens out practicing.   The wind seemed to be a bit lighter for the practices with the core of the days ranging between 14-18 knots of breeze out on the race course.   That being said, launching out of RYC is always nice as the ‘Richmond Riviera’ is protected, usually sunny and launch conditions are almost always in less then 8 knots of breeze it seems.   The two practice days before the event showed quite a bit of activity at the club with the local NorCal teams there and people showing up from Seattle, Hawaii, Southern California and a few making the trip up from Australia.   We did have 2 Canadians sailing on US boats which was also good to see.   Those two practice days showed a solid half dozen boats on the water almost at all times.   Those days the breeze ranged from 12-18+ and showed a bit of bump on the race course due to the ebb tides.


Race day 1 had scheduled 2 races the first day.   The first being a short race followed by the mandatory Distance race.    Instead of a large tour of the bay – the RC opted to send the teams on a large ‘Worlds style’ course with long legs and 4.5 laps including 2 triangles.    The first race started in about 16 knots of breeze – the course was a simple but long triangle with a full upwind finish.   Former World Champ Kris Bundy and Fritz Lanzinger won the start with Terry Gleeson sailing with Australian Ian ‘Footy’ Furlong also poked out but closer to the pin.    Bundy/Lanzinger had strong speed matched with tremendous height.   The lead changed multiple times with both Bundy/Lanzinger and Gleeson/Furlong setting early and not making the reach mark.   The rest of the fleet caught up to them while they had to take down, reach and reset and by the bottom mark there was a good pack of five boats rounding together.     Bundy/Lanzinger held on to their lead at the finish, followed by Gleeson/Furlong and Michael Radziejowski and Evan Sjostedt on B5 USA 1162.   The second and long race of the day was started in about 18 knots of breeze and during the race in increased to about 20 knots at the top of the course.   The long legs allowed for many to focus on speed and at the top mark there were a number of boats rounding in a tight heat together.   The first lap was a triangle and at the reach the tight gybe angle left a few of the lead boats tangled together and a number of them resulted in testing the water.   Sailing in the brand new and super flash Henderson B6 USA 1199 owned by John Clark – Australians David Alexander and 3 time World Champ crew, Dan Wilsdon, took advantage of the situation and legged out followed by Gleeson/Furlong.    Gleeson/Furlong sailed really hard in the wavy conditions, started legging out little by little over the long race and finished with a substantial lead by the end of the race for a 2-1 for the day.   Galvez/MacDonald were 3rd.   Alexander/Wilsdon finished with 8 points for the day as did the 2015 North American winning team Steve Goodson and Alan Diercks from Seattle.   


That evening after sponsored beverages at the dock – 14 sailor and local Point Richmond resident John Clark, sponsored an epic pizza night at his waterfront home.   Beer was flowing as Chef Clark, Greg Mitchell, Jenn Virskus and others attended the pizza oven (no that was not an autoclave) and everyone helped turn out pizzas with miraculously no one getting burned!   The entire fleet, friends, and most of the race committee were in attendance and it was a great event at a beautiful home.   Thank you John!


The second day was the most breeze that we saw the entire week.   The wind ranged from 17-21 knots with some gusts just touching 23 during the second race of the day at the top end of the course.   There was very little current with the tides being slack during racing with minimal variance.   Strong boat prep, aggressive starts, solid boat handling, and heavier teams all paid a strong dividend in the conditions.   Gleeson/Furlong who had not sailed together before the event put together an impressive day with triple pickets over the 3 races.   Alexander/Wilsdon had a tougher first race, but then put up two 2nds.    Galvez/MacDonald had a 2nd in the first race of day 2 and then posted a 4-5.   Bundy/Lanzinger and Goodson/Diercks both suffered some breakdowns towards the end of the day – while both Radziejowski/Sjostedt and Brad Reutenik & Jake Sorosky in the new B6 USA 1200 each managed one top 3 finish.


That evening there was a lot of camaraderie on the docks and in the boatyard with Galvez Insurance Company sponsoring a keg and just about everyone tending to a bit of boatwork before the club sponsored a great sit down meal for everyone in Richmond Yacht Club’s brand new club house which was built last year.    Great times, good wine, regatta photos running on the screen, and panoramic window views out on to San Francisco Bay made for a nice evening for everyone.


On Race Day 3 the forecast was for a bit lighter and then lightening more for the following week.   The day we saw the breeze range from 14-18 knots and the final three races were scheduled.   Goodson/Diercks, widely known as specialists in breeze came into form and clutched the first race.   Radziejowski/Sjostedt sailed a solid race and were 2nd with Dave A & Dan coming in 3rd.   Bundy and Lanzinger were in 4th while Gleeson/Furlong lost some form during the race and finished 5th after a quick recovery.    The second race turned into a long 3 lapper with two reach legs.   The breeze came up a bit and Gleeson/Furlong started stretching out after the first leg and half. Alexander/Wilsdon finished behind and the rest of the fleet was led in by Mikey and Evan on USA 1162.   With one race remaining – Gleeson/Furlong had won the event but there was too much fun sailing to still be had.   Galvez/MacDonald had great speed all week and really showed it off in the final races with many lead changes and working the left hand side of the course upwind followed closely behind by Goodson/Diecks.    Gleeson/Furlong finished the final race 3rd with Reutenik/Sjostedt 4th and Alexander/Wilsdon 5th.   Final results posted here:


Richmond Yacht Club put on a tremendous and well run event, both on and off the water.   If this is what we have to look forward to for Worlds next year we can say that everyone at this event is very enthusiastic about both the sailing and the proven capabilities for this club to run a great event.


An excellent effort by all of the competitors and we saw many lead changes throughout the regatta.   Skiffs are always hard and this is a challenging race course, but never felt that it was too extreme.   Gleeson and Furlong sailed a very tight regatta especially with having only two days of practice together in total.   They focused on keeping the maneuvers simple while really sailing the boat hard throughout the event.   They worked the waves when able, not slowing down while just keeping on the right side of control.  Well done and the hard work put in certainly pays off!    Terry and Footy were able to walk away with the very large William Randolph Hearst Perpetual Trophy that dates back to the 1940’s.   That is a big one!


It is safe to say that the Australians will like this race course with the top 3 regatta finishers having a total of 4 Aussies between them.   The US boats are getting plenty of breeze on practice and will get more before our big event next year.   The race course is a big area with room for the RC to move the course if it gets lighter or heavier.   We would expect that at Worlds we will see conditions like this, but also see some lighter air days maxing at 14-16 knots as well.   The Worlds Organizing committee has been busy this last year+ putting the event together and from this regatta we can see that they will do a fantastic job.


We look forward to seeing you all at the 2018 I-14 Worlds!


Photo credits Jenn Virskus

2017 US Nationals @ the Gorge

by Dalton Bergan

11 I-14s braved the world renowned Gorge conditions for their US Nationals.  Absolutely beautiful breeze-on conditions throughout the event and the week leading up for all of those who put their time in during the week. 

Radziejowski/Sjostedt finished 3rd with outstanding upwind speed but a few too many capsizes; watch out for them at the next event.  Their effort to put time in the boat was highlighted by their night sail mid event!  Bundy/Lanzinger couldn’t make the event due to lead poisoning and a new disease yet to named relating to sailing on the new generation of big racer/cruiser cats like gun boats (ideas?).  This gave the B team (myself) Bergan/Hanseler great opportunity to go racing.  Although we capsized more times than I could count on the eve of the event when sailing together for the first time, it was only once during racing when on the last day when I failed to remember that 14’s now have 6’ dagger boards while ducking the stern anchored (strong upwind current) committee boat at the start resulting in a cartwheel that made for good entertainment for all involved.  

With a combined age of nearly 100, the Gorge Specialists, Steve Goodson and Allen Diercks, impressed everyone with decent speed and excellent boat handling to win the event by a point.  Thanks to the CGRA for another great event and the Henderson Boat Company for making it happen.  This was great practice for the 2018 Worlds in Berkeley Circle next August!

Additional Perpetual awards went to Goodson/Diercks for winning the Distance Race (President’s Trophy) and the WindMaster’s trophy (oldest combined crew age over (or close to) 100 with best result).  And to James Clarkson winning the Avenger’s Trophy (best result with older design 14), and Katie Love winning the first Female Trophy, and lastly to Gleeson/Powell for winning the Henderson Boat Company Gorge Speed Challenge with a documented top speed of 19.0 Kts sustained and 19.8 top speed.   Well done everyone, next up is our North American Championships that will give everyone a good taste of what to look forward to while at next year’s Worlds.   Send it!

All photos credited to Sean Trew

See Results here:

2017 Skiff Fest  - Santa Barbara Delivers the Goods!
Six California based 14’s headed to Santa Barbara last weekend for what has proven over the last few years to be a very light air (and sometimes no air) race course.    Santa Barbara is always beautiful and the hospitality of Santa Barbara Yacht Club is always strong and keeps getting better.  


This year the conditions proved to be different… same beautiful locale and clean water, but the breeze was on and delivering full Champagne conditions all weekend.   The practice day had some solid 15-18 knots for those that could make it and the forecast looked to be the same for the regatta weekend.   We had two SoCal boats that made it with Aidan Mobley and Pete Stanton sailing together and myself and JP Barnes on the B6.   From NorCal Katie Love was sailing the Green B5 with Joe Crum (welcome to the fleet Joe – we owe you some shots!), Matt Skafel was sailing with Kirk Twardowski on his Orange B6, and Mikey Polish and Evan Sjostedt were sailing Chris Rutz’s light green B5 with some new flash sails that Polish has been working on.   Representing the homefront was Ron Boehm on his B5 sailing with JV Gilmore.    Solid teams and everyone put on a great effort showing the 29ers and Vipers how its done.


Day one started with about 10 knots of breeze and quickly ramped up to 12 and finished the day with about 16+.    Gleeson/Barnes came out of the gates with some great downwind speed and took the first race with Polish & Evan not far behind.    Ron and JV were in the mix all event long and certainly won the Port tack start award – port tacking the fleet about 6 of the 7 races.    Ron and JV were always in front on the first leg with Polish and Evan right behind them with some really strong upwind speed.    Polish and Evan took the second race with Gleeson/Barnes taking the 3rd…    The day would finish with Polish and Evan then taking the 4th race – absolutely trading punches on day one with the two boats tied up at 6 points a piece for the day.


Really impressed with the speed everyone was showing.   Katie and Joe had some phenomenal straight line boat speed and rolled us hard on one upwind leg.   I think Katie likes the new and improved ballast that Joe was providing – we hope to see them sailing together more.   JV & Ron hit the right side (shoreline) almost all weekend long and it proved a really smart move with most of the fleet falling in line (wish we learned that faster!).     Aiden and Pete were doing really well but had some rudder issues and may have been distracted by Aiden’s giant ‘packing’ logo on his kite – (Pete it has got to be tough staring at that all day).   Kirk and Matt are admittedly sorting out some general ‘new to sailing together’ issues, but the boat is fast and was in the mix all weekend and looking good as always.


Saturday night was awesome with Ron, Marliss, and the dogs delivering up a huge multi course feast with grilled tri-tip being served and the wine flowing.   Tired and hungry 14’ers had seconds and thirds and crashed soon afterwards only to wake up with Ron cooking everyone an awesome breakfast.   Thank your Ron for your generous and unwavering hospitality.  You are certainly a stalwart asset to the fleet and we salute you!


Sunday started with the breeze a bit lighter with single trap conditions quickly moving to double trap.     Sunshine and fairly warm water made it feel very much like our Carnac Worlds conditions and you can’t beat the scenery in Santa Barbara.   Beautiful.


It was Polish and Evan that struck first in the initial race on Sunday and by a large margin with Gleeson/Barnes working the left looking for it to fill in there first but to no avail.   Lessons learned Gleeson/Barnes worked the right on race 6 of the event and gybe set to get back to the shore.   This proved the right call and were able to take the gun tying the score back up to 9 points a piece with Polish & Evan edging Ron & JV out for 2nd.   


The final race and the battle is on – Everyone had pretty decent starts and the two top boats quickly tacked out to head to the shoreline and staying close together.    Gleeson/Barnes had the inside and were first to tack for layline with a solid lead built by height gained on Polish & Evan.   However, both boats were slightly overstood and Polish & Evan’s straightline boat speed quickly erased more than half that lead.   The boats stayed close on the downwind and rounded different sides of the gate right together.   A similar upwind battle for the third leg but with the boats closer together.   Gleeson/Barnes were the first to get the mark and gybe set out while Polish and Evan did a straight set and hit the outside.    Gleeson/Barnes had perhaps better breeze and more favorable waves, but that came with an extreme amount of 29er and Viper traffic.   What looked to be a considerable lead started to get erased quickly as Gleeson/Barnes did multiple luffs and gybes to get over and around the other boats.    They still had a slight lead as Polish/Evan crossed behind on port and then did their final gybe for the finish.   Gleeson/Barnes had one more gybe to make the finish but it was slightly downspeed due to the traffic.   They went for the boat end while Polish and JV came into the pin…   Gleeson/Barnes dove down to cross the line and could hear the gun go off as the Green boat edged them out for the win by less than half a boat length.     Congrats to Mikey and Evan for sailing really well and wining the regatta by just 1 point.   Even though it wasn’t our highest attended event this year, it was really solid racing and great camaraderie throughout the weekend.   If there is any question… Polish’s new sails are legit – give them a long look if you are in the market.


Santa Barbara Yacht Club held a solid awards event in their upstairs bar – and the Sharon Green Photo trophies were given to the top 3 with SBYC’s own Ron Boehm getting 3rd.    Excellent event and the conditions delivered.   This is an important and key event for us and about ½ way for all of the California boats – lets all plan on it next year and we’ll make it an even a better regatta.   See results below – Well done Mikey & Evan!

All Photos by Sharon Green

2017 US International 14 Schedule

By Terry Gleeson

As always, Major events listed up top - Regional events listed in the below section – and now longer term 2018 events listed below. Some solid events - WCC's in San Diego, Nationals at the Gorge, NA's on SF Bay. No big trips to Hawaii this year, but if you find yourself out there, chances are they are racing and they'll set you up. All regional events are listed.

If you have any Additions, Changes, or Deletions that need to happen – please contact Terry Gleeson. Seriously – if you have any other events (Thursday night sailing, MidWest Skiff Regattas, Seattle Fleet Championship, etc…) Let me know and I’ll add those events, it would be a good thing to have all 14 activities posted. Also, YC’s have been known to move things on us, so if you see something move, let me know and I’ll update the calendar.

2017 US Fleet Schedule

2016 International 14 Worlds
Carnac, France

By Brad Ruetenik

After 2 wks of reflection since the end of the most recent I14 worlds in Carnac France, I wanted to put down some thoughts on this most recent adventure.  As with all the other 10 worlds I have participated in over the last 20 yrs., this was a great learning event.  I always have a great time seeing and traveling to other parts of the world and more important to me, are the opportunities to catch up with, renew, and make new friendships with like minded sailors from around the world.  To me, being able to sail my own boat in beautiful locations like France Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Bermuda and even here in the US, are all great experiences.  We arrived in France a few days early still worried that our container would not be delivered on time.  Fortunately, the Western Australia and US Containers did arrive just in time, our friends from Melbourne were not so lucky as their containers had been delayed in offloading from the ship in Le Harve.  Their containers did arrive a few days late for the Team racing, but in time for the individual World Championships. [more...]


2016 Nationals Report

By Joe Bersch

Nineteen International 14’s showed up to the 2016 I-14 U.S. National Championships at Alamitos Bay Yacht Club on June 10-12 in Long Beach, CA. ABYC has been a long-time and loyal supporter of the I-14 Fleet running one of the Fleet’s best World Championships ever in 2006 and annually running the Class’s Midwinter Championships amongst other regattas. The 2016 I-14 Nationals follows the recent Pacific Rim Championships at Kaneohe Bay in April, 2016 (21 boats won by Bundy/Lanzinger), the 2015 National Championships in Santa Barbara (11 boats, Gleeson/Sjostedt winners), 2015 North Americans at the Gorge (17 Boats won by Goodson/Dierks) and the 2014 National Championships in Richmond (17 boats, Bergan/Lanzinger winners). The 2016 National Championship regatta was an important lead up event for the 9 U.S. boats heading to the 2016 I-14 World Championships in Carnac, France in late August. [more...]


The Beauty and Brawn of the International 14 Fleet
By Jenn Virskus

They told me the I14 was a tough boat, but when the opportunity arose to spend a long weekend racing that sliver of carbon fiber on the sparkling turquoise waters of Oahu’s Kaneohe Bay, I was all in. That there would be a hand-carved Koa wood trophy for the first woman in the 2016 Pac Rim Championships was just a bonus.
Arriving in Hawaii, I meet my competition: Women from Australia, Italy, the mainland, and a couple of locals. The youngest woman was 23, the oldest, well, quite a bit older than that. Among my own friends and family, they think I’m pretty daring (and kind of crazy) for wanting to swing around on a skiff trapeze, not to mention that I’m a girl. In Hawaii, I met women of all provenances who are far more daring than I. [more...]


The 2016 Pasha Hawaii I-14 Pacific Rim Championships

By Andy Bates

The Pasha Hawaii 2016 International Fourteen Pacific Rim Championship Regatta was hosted at Kaneohe Yacht Club from April 2nd to 5th. The event had three sponsors, Pasha Hawaii a local community and environmentally aware ocean transportation company, Hawaiian Fine Furniture who provided beautiful hand carved Koa wood half-models for trophies, and the Global Sports Alliance ( who sponsored the Ecoflag program that promotes clean air and clean water through sporting events worldwide, primarily aimed at young people doing sporting activities.  GSA has sponsored the event since 2006. This year’s event included sailors from Japan, Australia, England, Italy, and Canada. Most of them chartered local boats to augment the two containers that Pasha Hawaii sponsored enabling boats from California to participate. [more...]


US I14 Fleet Survey

by Terry Gleeson

I14 USA Fleet Survey

Hey all, We want your feedback!
Please take the time and click through this survey. We are looking for your input and help to drive the fleet forward.

You should take this survey if you sail 14's, own a 14, want to buy a 14, want to sail 14's, or just like the 14 fleet, or are in any way interested in the 14 fleet. Thanks for your help, your input is greatly appreciated.

USA 1187


ABYC Turkey Day Regatta 2015

by Brad Ruetenick

10 boats came to the annual ABYC Turkey Day regatta the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. We had several good boats for the long standing traditional end of season race out of the best small boat club in So Cal. On the line were the traditional Turkey and Pie awards as well as the recently re-instated SoCal. Season High Point Championship Trophies. These trophies include the W.D. Shock International 14 Championship trophy which was initially dedicated in 1959. The trophy had not been awarded since the early 2000s. Similarly, the MOB Trophy "Miserable Old Bitch" SoCal Season High Point Trophy for Crew was dedicated in 1973 and had not been awarded since 1995. 


Fall Dinghy report... San Francisco!

by Terry Gleeson

Seven 14’s came up and over to San Francisco’s yachting mecca, St. Francis YC, to race on one of the most iconic and difficult venues in the world, San Francisco Bay’s City Front. The Fall Dinghy regatta, a two day event, was a big return for the I14 fleet would had not raced out of StFYC for more than 10 years.

St Francis was a great host on and off the water and we shared the course with 505’s, 29ers, 420’s and some one person dinghy’s. The course was set up on a straight windward-leeward along the city, with the windward mark up in the typical corner and the leeward mark set between Alcatraz and the old waterfront warehouses. A great course which unbelievably did not sail as one sided as some thought with the 4 knot ebbs running out on both days at 2- 2:30.  [more...]

2015 Totally Dinghy Regatta – Richmond Yacht Club

Six 14's were treated to excellent fall conditions this past weekend at the Totally Dinghy regatta run by RYC. Although there was no breeze at the city front (sad day for the big boats over there), we had enough breeze on Saturday to twin wire all day long, upwind and downwind, say 8 or a little more knots of breeze? The breeze was very steady and the water was flat, perfect racing conditions and allowing everyone to finish all races. Well, except for the first race on Saturday, in which the fleet demonstrated a certain lack of timeliness perhaps because back at the club house we had bright blue skies and temps in the high 70s, exceptionally balmy weather for mornings on the SF Bay, and no-one was motivated to move too fast? At least that's my excuse. Good job Chris and James for being on time for that one! [more...]

2015 International 14 North American Championships – Columbia River Gorge
By Terry Gleeson

Twenty I-14s came into Cascade Locks, the heart of the Columbia River Gorge for the 2015 North American Championships, held July 24-26, including 9 boats from Canada, with most of those making the long trek from Toronto. Dave Alexander and Dan Wilsdon made the long flight up from Australia making good use of an idle B6 as well as Marcus Korobacz swinging in from Adelaide and sailing with SF local Mike Lazarro.

The Gorge did not disappoint with boats getting out all week practicing.   Blasting up the river hitting speeds in the low 20’s and getting tested by the Gorge shifts and blasts.[more...]

2015 National Championship
by Brad Ruetenik

Santa Barbara, CA May 15-17, 2015
The 2015 I-14 US Nationals was held out of Santa Barbara Yacht Club on May 15-17. This event was held in conjunction with the Santa Barbara Skiff Fest which this year included a fleet of 29ers, as well as the 505 class' Pacific Coast Championships. Ten I-14s made the journey to SB, of these there were three Henderson built Bieker 6's, two Bieker 5's, a Canadian built Killing 3, the British built 'Hoff', which is sister ship to Pamela from the UK, the 'Shu 2' built of wood by Steve Shumaker, a Bieker 3 'Miss Match', as well as a Biker 2. It was a light breeze event throughout most of the weekend. Thursday a few boats were getting ready for some practice sailing when a rare, and much needed, So Cal. rain squall passed through sucking most of the breeze away with it making for very light air sailing later in the afternoon.[more...]


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